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I’d love to be able to tell you that I was raised by wolves, rescued by a kindly couple called Mr. & Mrs. Overdrive then taught how to use a camera so I could continue the family wedding business. Unfortunately, the only part of this story that is true is that my last name is Overdrive.

The truth is less epic; I am a lifestyle & cinematic photographer currently based in Los Angeles, who began working professionally with a camera in 2004 when I was a forensic analyst living in London. Since 2009 I’ve been a freelance photographer, and realized I have a knack for capturing unpredictable and fleeting moments of emotion during live events. If you are a fan of the immersive event company Secret Cinema you will probably have seen my photos taken during their productions of Dirty Dancing, Back to Future, Star Wars and others.

Being able to concentrate on photography while a Delorean is burning past you (literally!), or as 4500 people go crazy when hearing the line “Nobody puts baby in the corner” is surprisingly useful training for shooting at a wedding.

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As you can see from my wedding portfolio I enjoy capturing the fun, spontaneous moments that happen on a wedding day, knowing that these little details make for happy memories in years to come. To give you more of an idea of my interests outside of photography, I’ve put together a little list at the very bottom of this page. If you want to read about my credentials or see my other photography, click on info.

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Enough about me, I’d like to know about you… I’m looking forward to hearing about your plans for your big day and getting to know you both a bit better.

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A well-fitted shirt, dark chocolate, terrible 80’s movies, Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Moulin Rouge!, an excuse to dress up, bonfires at night, cool breezes on a hot day, ALL coffee, Yorkshire Gold tea, silver jewellery, Nick Cave, Chelsea Wolfe, Taylor Swift, good architecture, natural light, hiking, vegan fajitas, skulls, arriving on time & positive attitudes.